Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My birthday is tomorrow! I'll be six! It's gonna be great! Oliver is 13 weeks old, and he is awesome. Here are some movies of me and of Oliver.
This is Oliver sitting.

This is Oliver sitting again.

Me being silly.

And me being silly again!

Here are some pictures I took.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 days until my birthday!

My birthday is in 3 days! I will be turning 6! I love birthdays :) And me and my daddy are going to Pufferbellies on my birthday. Pufferbellies is a toy store. It is awesome! Even though I've never been there before. I got this magazine from it, and it had all these awesome things in it! And it was great! And I still have that magazine, and we look through it a lot. It is going to be a great birthday! And I love birthdays so so much! 

My grandparents and Danny are coming over for supper on my birthday. And we're also having a party for me/Harvest Party on Saturday! All my friends will be there! It will be Friend-tabulous! 

Here is a picture of me taking a picture of cookies!

I love cookies! And we already ate those types. But we made other kinds. They are peanut butter cookies. Yum yum! I ate one a few minutes ago while I was playing with my baby doll. They are very good. I would post more, but I have to finish reading. See you next time!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Pictures

I took these pictures all by myself with Emily's camera. Do you like them? I do. Here are the pictures for you to see.

 This is Oliver, our new dog. He is quite cute!

 My big sister Emily, taking a picture with her camera, Gidget.

I don't know what the background is, but I still like this picture!

I like this picture because it has a cloud in it! And I like it because of the beautiful tree!

I really like this pictures because it has part tree and clouds. And it's quite quite quite pretty!

I love the colors!

This is my favorite, because I love the color.

 A view from our front porch.

 Our new Fall scarecrow that we got at Michael's!

 This is our piano that is very out of tune.

 And I LOVE this picture, and I think it's water.

 These are my snapdragons.

I like that picture!

Thank you for looking at my pictures! I hope you like them!

Friday, October 15, 2010

bi mislf

doo uoo lic th zoo. plezr espod this iz mi frst bog post. i rot this all bi mislf. hop u hav a grat da.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Post!

Hi everyone! I am 5 years, but on October 28, I will be 6! I just made my own blog, and I'm very excited! We also just got a puppy, and we named him Oliver. I like Oliver because he's cuddly, cute, and furry! And because he gets to sleep in my room at night. And my sister Emily is great at blogs {Note from Emily: Honestly, I did NOT tell her to say that! Haha! OK, back to Joelle...}, and she is the only one I will ever ask to make my blogs. And she didn't even charge me anything! And I love princesses and all that they wear! And all shiny gold stuff. And I love glamour! Here are some pictures of me:

And I love to take pictures! I love hearts and butterflies too.

It's very late... I would post more, but I have to go to bed. See you later!